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A monthly look at attire to wear to your upcoming photo session brought to you by Lemon Drops Photography

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April is usually still cold, wet and possibly snowy, at least up here in the midwest but that doesn’t mean you cannot get outside and take some photos, just be prepared for the elements and you will get the best darn spring pictures ever!


END APRIL UPDATE| 2018 (and in to May)

It is finally feeling like spring here in the midwest which means it is time to get outside!! But with the great weather brings mud, mud and more mud. Have no fear you can still get awesome photos and here are few wardrobe tips that won’t break the bank to get the most out of your April photos.

RAIN BOOTS   yes please!

This day and age you can get rain boots just about anywhere but here are a few of my favorites cause they will give your photo a nice pop of color which is a total must to bring the feeling of spring to the photos when jumping in those puddles or standing against the alley wall. I personally like solids the best but the simplicity of the striped one adds in just the right amount of character. 


Since I am suggesting rain boots we need to have something that tucks into them so I would go with your favorite pair of skinny jeans that make you feel fantabulous but make sure they aren't the ones with a bunch of tears and holes or a dress that has just the right pop of color to bring out those awesome rain boots (have I told you I have a thing for rain boots?) Here are few suggestions to go with the boots above to help get you brain storming!


Well, it is a bit harder to get bright colored boots or clothes on those men and boys of ours but here are a few options that would look great with your pop of color and the last one being for those boys that will let us get away with some spice!! 


These of course are suggestions to get you brain storming although one of the combinations might be just what you were looking for and in that case wahoo!!! If you would like more assistance in choosing outfits, contact me to work out your custom photo wardrobe. 

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