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Here's the thing! I have been going back and forth with WHY I actually changed my name and you know what, I don't really have a good reason besides that is what all my marketing books told me to do. So GUESS WHAT, I am changing it back!

The further I got from lemons and yellow and bright and fun, the more I wanted to turn back time and back to my roots - the so very many reasons why I realized I am meant to be a lemon!

I mean I am Amanda Rose, and yes I like my name, BUT for some reason it doesn't have the same pizazz to it that I want for my business, cause if you know me, I love a little bit of pizazz especially on photo day!


Since I am getting all kinds of crazy with this and going back to my roots, I am going way back to the beginning when I was Lemon Drops Photography & Design cause again, I listened to someone else, that didn't know me, telling me my name was too long. Well guess what that name is me! I am simple, bright, fun and a designer!! Yep, I am a want to be graphic designer with an interior designer degree owning a photography business ... which at the end of the day I love all three careers so why not be all three! Lemon Drops Photography & Design it is (oh the ND secretary of the state is going to love me again!)


So now that I am ready to move forward and stop loosing sleep over something as little as my name, make sure you are following me for all the new great things in store for Lemon Drops Photography & Design!!



Lemon Drops Photography & Design is Fargo ND's senior photographer that specializes in kids and families too!

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