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I can still remember the sound of the coffee brewing and the smell of the fresh cinnamon rolls as I prepped for the early morning rush. Nestled in the middle of main street, in what I like to think of as the perfect small town USA, was my first career.

Yep, career because it taught me more about life and myself then maybe any other career I have had yet. I discovered that I strive for customer service, I love a clean working space and being employed along with great friends (and family) is a total bonus.

I would never take back the experience and am grateful that I had to tuck in a little earlier on Saturday nights then some of my friends. I still have these same values today as I continue to strive for customer satisfaction, love a clean workspace and have been blessed with so many great relationships developed over spreadsheets & light bulbs - heck I use to work in the same office as my husband.

I have loved every step on the road to today and look forward to all the adventures ahead.

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