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Oh my goodness, I am excited about this!! I have always wanted to have a REAL pillow fight with my girl friends or sisters, yes even at the age of thirty-five cause how much FUN!!


Nope this isn't a traditional photo shoot and isn't just for siblings, let's think outside the box and have some fun! So you fun loving, spunky couple - bring it on, want the entire immediate family - of course, your high school besties or college roommates - let's do this!


For serious, how cute would this be in a big print in your master bedroom or even a college of photos in the hallway. Everyone happy and laughing, shown off with bright fun images. You could even match the pajamas to your decor if you wanted since everything else will be white (sorry my Type A sneaks out every once in a while).


Well being it isn't as easy as they make it look in the movies, I ended up purchasing a number of white feather boas and ripping them apart in order to get the look I wanted without choking on down feathers (which I have discovered are teeny tiny and super messy!). Depending on the number of slumber party peeps, a session uses 1-3 boas so be prepared to go home with a feather or two stuck to you - but that is part of the fun right???


I do recommend some type of pajamas as this is a slumber party after all. The pillows, feathers and blankets are all white with gray walls so depending on the color of your wardrobe, the final images can have different feels. If you choose night gowns in softer hues, your photos will appear more gentle which is sometimes nice for younger girls. If you want your final images to have more energy in them, choose brighter colors. Just remember bold, saturated colors will have more reflective tendencies and sometimes reflect those colors on to the skin.

Also remember to throw shorts under night gowns as we will be doing some jumping and if you would prefer not to have the legs showing there are great pants options available for both boys and girls, I personally love Family Feeling for the kiddos and are available with your Prime membership in order to get here in plenty of time for your session!


Each session is 30 minutes in length and will begin with some standard photos on the bed before the feathers fly! We will do a series of photos as it gets too be a bit too crazy if we just all out pillow fight. Your final gallery will include about 100 professionally edited images to choose your final 15 from, an option to purchase more and quick download capability of those final images.

The cost of this session series is $250 for your immediate family or up to 6 people if you decide to get creative and have fun with your friends. Each additional slumber party peep would be $25 but try not to get too many as the bed is only so wide.


On the dates specified I will have everything set up and ready to go in my studio which is located in Fargo, North Dakota on the south end of town off of 52nd Ave South.

5226 51st Ave S

Fargo, ND 58104

If you would like to make this more personal, let's do a pillow fight at your home!! I will bring the pillows and the feathers but will need assistance with the clean up cause feathers are surprisingly messy - although they do vacuum up well. If this is something you would like, contact me and we can work out a day!


Current 2018 Dates for Slumber Party Sessions in Studio

  • May 9

  • May 10

  • May 16

  • May 17


Since I am a mom with busy kids, I like to schedule via phone call, text or email rather than through a booking service and I love getting to know my clients from square one!!

Amanda | 701.200.6048 |

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Slumber Party Photo Session

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