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I have yet to meet a photographer who doesn’t drool over evening sessions, especially senior class ones cause there is so much to offer in the last 45 minutes of the day as the sun gently fades into the evening and just the right amount of light trickles over your shoulder. The perfect ending to your amazing senior session - a once in a lifetime event!


I would love to chase the sunset with you but first let’s get in as many shots as we can, hence the reason we start about 3 hours prior to the sun touching the horizon. This allows us to get the most depth to your gallery and make sure we get in all those must have locations and outfits.


It is highly suggested that we begin our session where we can seek shade as harsh shadows are still lurking around three hours before sunset. Good locations to begin at are downtown with an abundance of tall buildings, parks with full trees, farms with a large barn or a requested indoor spot - studio option is available to start in and great way to get the most from your session. When thinking about where to start outside, it is best to have location on the east side of the building as it will most likely be shaded by the time we begin your session.

The second location can be a little more open but still good to find one that we can block out the sun with trees, hills or distant buildings. Here in Fargo, I am always on the lookout for hills to slightly block the sun - which is harder than one would think!

The last location can be all open in order to capture the moment we have been waiting for; Golden Hour!!! I suggest, a dirt road, open field, a main street going east/west, lake shore, dock or something that only you have access to. Beware, I tend to get really excited this last hour - you have been warned!


A side note on wardrobe; we will spend about 45-60 minutes per location with a possible wardrobe change at each spot, again adding to the final depth of your gallery. Be ready to change in your vehicle cause I haven’t yet invested in a mobile dressing room. On the wish list!

Wherever we end up, be ready to make the most of your day and be ready to be you!

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