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I am by no means a book reviewer as I don’t read nearly as much as I would like to but this book is one that needs to be talked about! Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, and Do Work That Matters by Jon Acuff was written for me, okay maybe not, but every page I turned I could not help but think – Oh my goodness, has this guy been secretly watching my every move and knows what I have been going through the past six years? Well that is ridiculous yes, but honestly how I felt page after page.

So why I am excited about a book that seems to be written just for me and think I need to share it with others. Simple – because it is about starting your dream, chasing your awesome and stepping away from your current path of average.

For the past six years, I have been waking up in the wee hours of the morning after staying up till midnight most days of the week. According to Acuff this is exactly what needs to be done on the path to awesome. Rather than pushing snooze, I was getting up; having more coffee than any one person should before 8:00 AM and striving for the day when I would be able to begin my dream, the dream of a successful photography business.

What does this mean to me … I want to be more than girl with a camera. I want to be more than Facebook posts and another photographer in the saturated field in which I have chosen to love! I want to be the recognized name that is known for my work, I want to make a difference in my client’s lives by giving them an unforgettable amazing experience, I want to be able to give back to my community and I want to teach others all while supporting my family and my shopping habits.

I am still in the beginning of my path to awesome, my path to success. Because of this book, I know now that I have made the right decision, I have chosen the right road and my journey is just beginning. I have many more steps, or lands according to Acuff, to go before I get to look back and say WOW that was AWESOME but I am ready to continue and strive each day for my dream.

*Side note .... everyone’s path to awesome is different and just cause the path I was on wasn’t my awesome, doesn’t mean it isn’t your awesome.

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