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For those of you that have wondered how a TYPE A brain is wired - just stop!! You don’t want to see the constant ongoing wheels that run I am pretty sure 24-7. They might slow down but always going; turning and thinking about what is next, why isn’t that straight. It can be quite exhausting but unfortunately there isn’t a cure.


Remember you have been warned about this but yet here you are reading on so I will let you in just for a second …

“Oh I should empty the dishwasher, what should be for dinner - arg that has gluten in it, is that a pile of cereal under the chair, oh I haven’t checked Facebook in a while, HOLD ON! is that a number one by my email app - that just will not do!, oops forgot about the laundry better switch that over, I wonder if that would make a good blog post, oh that’s how I should arrange our taxes Excel spreadsheet, oh crap it’s snowing I better shovel before I leave, should I post that to Instagram or maybe just SnapChat … OH NO I forgot to pee before I emptied the dishwasher but first I should ….


Yep you kept reading; I warned you - it is scary up there. But in all seriousness it seems difficult and we bit crazy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get fulfillment from a clean house, perfectly stacked storage containers and returning emails instantly. But that doesn’t mean it is for everyone and I totally get that; I was blessed with over organization but I cannot sing nor am I funny and by all means I wish I could speak in public! Everyone has something special about them which should be embraced and not frightened to share with the world so here I am, getting the crazy out!

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