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Say WHAT!! There is more than one golden hour a day? Yep that is correct but one doesn’t get the rave reviews as its counterpart because frankly no one wants to get up and be ready for pictures come 5:30 in the morning (although if you are willing, I am a total morning person and get just as excited during sunrise as I do sunset!!).

Now what is the golden hour really? OH MY GOODNESS, let me tell you! The golden hour is this magical time during the day when the sun is about to kiss the horizon (or for you morning folks, just peaking above it). Since the angle of view to the sun is minimal so are the harsh shadows creating the most beautiful natural lighting. This angle also allows more play as it is easier to control where it is placed in final composition as it can also be easily blocked by trees, buildings or simply the model.

With all this being said, evening sessions are the most valuable time slot and go the quickest so if you have an upcoming senior class session, family session or milestone that you would like to have done outdoors - book early to secure your spot!!

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