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If you have been following me or just starting, you will find out that I LOVE senior class photography and want to make it an incredible experience you will not forget. So with this YES I want you to bring your mom, your dad, your sister or your awesome BFF! And yes they can snap a few pictures of your awesomeness with their phone (as long as they don't get carried away) ... they are proud of you and hopefully we are having a blast .... so share away!


I do have one condition though, try to limit to two people cause more than that can be distracting rather then helpful and bring someone along that knows what you like cause they are often key in being my second pair of eyes. Also make sure you are completely comfortable around them cause the serious face isn't conquered the best around just anyone.


I know this is often a very big time in a family's life and you want to document it ... so do I!! But if you want to add in a family session too - ask me about the discount I offer to families that book a session the same year as their senior session. I do not like to do these the same day as the senior because then we loose the focus and creativity for the senior. Really they do deserve a day that is just about them!


Your graduation photo session is a once in a lifetime event and I want to help make it all it can be and the Senior Session Guide is just for that! Hopefully this will help kick start some out of the box ideas when it comes to locations and definitely will start your brain on the right track for outfit selections! Remember your senior session is to show case you, and this guide is here to help you, but at the end of the day - be you! Have fun! Giggle! Make a funny face or two! And most importantly let's make this the best experience we can!

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