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Yep you read that correctly I am 100% obsessed with storage containers, but don’t be mistaken it isn’t just any old storage container. Nope I am a little picky about these amazing plastic boxes that keep our lives running smoothly. Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration but let me break down for you the nitty gritty on a storage container obsession.


Back when I was in elementary school (no lie!) I would read and re-read the Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, by Stan & Jan Berenstain, and I would fantasize about their amazing closet at the end of the book with perfectly labeled boxes stacked just right. But being in elementary I didn’t have the means to buy storage containers and my parents really didn’t get my overly (yes ridiculous) need to be organized so I collected shoe boxes. I wish to this day that I had a picture of my closet replicating the image of the Berenstain Bears to the best of my eight year old self. I still read this book to my children and point out the most amazing closet ever!


That is right, storage containers are not created equal and the wrong two together can hinder the heart of a Type A such as myself so it is imperative that the right box is chosen right away.

I personally love clear containers when being stored in a closet, storage room or kids room. The ability to easily see what is in the box is a tremendous time saver when it comes to finding just what you need. It also makes it more enjoyable for kids as they can quickly find what they were looking for.

Latch-able containers are incredible as they insure the contents of the box don’t fall out if accidentally dropped which is great with kids or let's face it everyone. Latches also help secure the tops on making stacking them much more reliable. Which stacking is yep another requirement as it not only looks sensational in a closet it also allows for more to be safely stacked on top of one another when you have purchased multiple of the same box. I have found that the Sterilite Ultra Latch boxes are the best home storage containers for your money. They come in a variety of sizes, great from toys to art supplies and holiday decor. I currently have at least 50 of them scattered throughout our 1970s rambler (hey the title is storage container obsession is it not).


Our family home is blessed with an large storage room and my wonderful husband has built storage box shelving around two of the four walls. However, knowing now what I know and didn’t know when we moved in; have the brand of storage container chosen and measure how high two stacked boxes is and build your shelves around that height with a little bit of leeway.

We currently cannot stack two high and it drives me bonkers, but somethings a overly Type A girl just needs to live with.


Feeling inspired to go and tackle your storage room or kids toys but feel bad cause you already have so many miss matched storage boxes? I would recommend still going in full fledge and refresh. There is no doubt during your cleaning you will find some items you no longer need so take them along with the old containers and donate them to the local second hand store or women’s shelter. They get more donations then they have spots for and are always in the need for additional boxes. Alright - READY, SET, GO!!!!

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